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Research Task Force

Posted: Thu Aug 30, 2018 6:42 pm
by DaveSchlichting
I am very excited to have had the first meeting for the Research Task Force. Since entering into the field of research three years ago after spending roughly 15 years working in the clinic and management I have developed a love of what this new world. Until working in research I really had no idea what clinical research really was and how it benefited patients and medicine. Having now seen how this field is the tip of the spear, the leading edge of medicine where discoveries happen I have wanted to attempt to share the message and try to bring back research to the DNA. The formation of the Research Task Force is to ensure that the information from the previous DNA Research Committee is still relevant and up-to-date, determine if there is an interest within the DNA from the membership to resurrect the DNA Research Committee and begin work on educating members about research, research opportunities and support those that are currently involved in the field of research.

I encourage anyone with an interest in research, working in research or hoping that the DNA brings this area of the organization back to post questions, support or messages.