EMR EMA Lab Interface

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EMR EMA Lab Interface

Post by sneider » Thu May 31, 2018 7:12 am

I'm interested in feedback anyone may have regarding the lab interface option within EMA (Modernizing Medicine), specifically when it comes to non-path results. How does it help your clinic flow/efficiency? Are there any major drawbacks, etc?

Thank you,

Sarah Neider

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Re: EMR EMA Lab Interface

Post by TCoyner » Tue Jun 12, 2018 10:48 pm

Hello Sarah,
We also use Modernizing Medicine in my practice setting. I am not sure I completely understand your question - I am assuming you mean laboratory tests and not just pathology results. Our practice is large and we are interfaced in EMA with at least 4 pathology labs who post results directly in the patient record - EMA also produces a list of pathology being sent from the office and one person is accountable for checking that results are obtained. Hard copies of pathology reports still are sent to the practice and the sole physician owner signs each hard copy and assigns a receptionist to ensure the patient with skin cancers, dysplastic nevi and other conditions which need follow-up - that those patients do have a follow-up appointment and they keep the appointment.
Lab testing is more difficult as patient's have numerous labs they use due to personal preference or insurance dictates. One receptionist receives all faxed lab reports and she posts them to the patient's charts and also send an intramail message to the provider ordering the test. The whole process makes the flow easy for the provider but adds a burden to the receptionist staff and the CLIA compliance person. Hopes this helps to answer your question.
Theresa Coyner

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