NEW Pre-Approval Travel Request Form

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NEW Pre-Approval Travel Request Form

Post by community » Wed Jun 20, 2018 9:23 am

This is being posted on behalf of R. Inabinet, DNA Treasurer and Chair of the Financial Oversight Committee:

NEW Pre-Approval Travel Form

The Financial Oversight Committee (FOC) has obtained the Board of Directors approval to require that any person traveling on behalf of the DNA (using DNA funds) must submit a Pre-Approval Travel Request Form if they want to be reimbursed from the DNA funds.
There have been occasions where a Travel Reimbursement Form has been submitted to the Treasurer for reimbursements from the DNA banking account without the Treasurer knowing if this was approved.
In order to enhance communications between all parties involved, the FOC took on the task of coming up with a one page form that allows the Committee Chair, Treasurer, and the Executive Director to be aware before the travel takes place. This also helps the Treasurer and the Executive Director make sure there are funds available, and that the travel follows within the strategic plan for the DNA. Addtionally it allows for the DNA Staff to send out to the individual traveling the DNA's Reimbursement Policy and other guidelines set forth by the FOC.
As you can see, we are continually looking for ways to streamline policy and procedures and we strive to provide oversight for the DNA funds.

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